FWSSC 2015 Tournament Schedule and Results

The fifth annual FWSSC is being held March 16-19, 2017 at the MTS Iceplex.

The tournament features a Saturday night banquet with guest speaker Janine Hanson, 2012 Olympic Silver Medalist in Rowing.

Tournament Schedule and Results

Click here for a downloadable version of the 2015 schedule.

Thursday 12th March 2015
19:30 AMPreliminaryAWarnerPOE RedWFP1-2 POE Red
212:30 PMPreliminaryBBanffSt. Mary'sWFP0-2 St. Mary's
32:30 PMPreliminaryAShaftesburyQueensREM3-2 Shaftesbury
43:30 PMPreliminaryBPOE BlackSt. FrancisACU3-2 POE Black
Friday 13th March 2015
59:00 AMPreliminaryAPOE RedShaftesburyACU4-3 POE Red
69:00 AMPreliminaryBSt. Mary'sSt. FrancisWFP3-4 St. Francis SOW
79:15 AMPreliminaryAQueensWarnerREM1-7 Warner
89:15 AMPreliminaryBPOE BlackBanffRRC5-1 POE Black
94:15 PMPreliminaryAWarnerShaftesburyWFP0-2 Shaftesbury
104:30 PMPreliminaryBSt, FrancisBanffREM2-1 St. Francis
117:15 PMPreliminaryBSt. Mary'sPOE BlackWFP2-3 POE Black
127:30 PMPreliminaryAPOE RedQueensREM3-1 POE Red
Saturday 14th March 2015
1310:30 AM7th Place-BanffQueensREM2-3 Queens
1410:15 AM5th Place-St. Mary'sWarnerWFP3-5 Warner
151:30 PMSemifinal-POE RedSt. FrancisREM5-0 POE Red
161:15 PMSemifinal-POE BlackShaftesburyWFP3-4 Shaftesbury
Sunday 15th March 2015
1710:15 AMBronze-St. FrancisPOE BlackWFP0-6 POE Black
181:30 PMGold-POE RedShaftesburyWFP4-3 POE Red

 Group A

Warner Hockey School
Pursuit of Excellence – Red
Shaftesbury Hockey Academy
Thunder Bay Queens


Group B

Pursuit of Excellence – Black
St. Mary’s Academy
St. Francis Xavier
Banff Hockey Academy



WFP – Winipeg Free Press
REM – Remax
ACU – Assiniboine Credit Union
RRC – Red River Co-op