Test Page - not for public view

This example page demonstrates two ways of embedding tabular data into the FWSSC site.

1.  A table created in a spreadsheet and uploaded to the site.

This table was created in Excel, saved as a .csv file and uploaded into TablePress, the currently installed plugin for creating tables on this site.


  • Enter data and create the table in a spreadsheet program such as MS Excel.  Tables can also be created from scratch from within WordPress but most users find web interfaces more confusing than those of desktop programs.
  • Save the table as a .csv file.
  • From the FWSSC site dashboard, import the table into TablePress.  Some minor editing might be necessary in TablePress depending on the details of the table.
  • Embed the table into the desired site page using the table’s shortcode.
  • Edits to tables should me made from within the site dashboard.  If tables are edited in a spreadsheet then the changed table must be uploaded and embedded as if it were a new table.


  • The table maintains the appearance and styling of current tables like the existing tournament schedules.
  • The table is responsive, adapting to different screen sizes.
  • Tables can be edited from the WordPress dashboard.


  • Tables are independent of each other.  Changes made to data in one table will not automatically show up in related tables.  Data must be updated separately in every location where it occurs.

There are other ways of embedding excel tables in a site but generally they have all of the above disadvantages and more, particularly with respect to styling.  Workflows are generally of a similar complexity.

The table below is a table of SMA Flames player stats used here merely as an example.  The table was created in Excel and imported into the site.  Some minor editing of table settings was required from within the site dashboard.


Flames Prep Player Stats 2015 2016

#PlayerPositionGPGAPTSPenalty MinsGPGAShots AgainstShut OutMinsGAA
1Logan AngersG21265.5925.521.432
30Tory MicklashG22293.5959.371.539
2Lexi CheveldayoffD201346
4Kyra "KK" ThiessenD3549130
5Hailey CloutierD311101124
6Ashleigh JeannotteD/F3708816
7Shea StudlerF2535810
8Sarah DennehyF37981716
9Karlee MazorD/F3705520
10Holly ReutherF3710142412
11Cecilia LopezF3515112632
12Morgan BurrF33720278
13Ashley McFaddenF2915132814
14Emma Smith-AndrushkoF3111162714
15Hailey KarbonikD352131544
16Drew RaymondD/F181238
17Kaitlyn ChatyrbokF/D3756114
18Kayla FriesenF3121295028
19Madison ArpinF2015628
20Kennedy FrankF10000
21Seren JocelynF51120
*20Sydney CancillaF60000
22Jenny KimF10000


2.  A table created using the SportsPress plugin for WordPress sites.

SportsPress is a WordPress plugin that is widely used around the world by professional and amateur sporting organizations to manage teams, conferences, tournaments, etc.


  • Data is entered directly from within the site dash board.  Team data, player data, events, are all entered separately and can be modified at any time.
  • An event schedule is created once other data has been entered.  The schedule can then be embedded in any desired page of the site using the table’s shortcode.
  • Other tables can be easily created and used as desired from the data, e.g. player lists, League Tables.


  • Tables are interconnected.  E.g. clicking on an event on the event list below will bring up a page with more details about that event.  Clicking on a player’s name in a list will bring up a detailed page about that player.
  • Changes made in one place, e.g. player stats, will automatically show up on any table which refers to that data.
  • There are lots of options – game stats, player stats, player and manager info pages, game review articles, player lists and more.  It is easy to chose what data is shown and what is hidden from atable or page.


  • The generic look of the SportsPress elements doesn’t match the current styling of the site.  This can be addressed but involves changes to code which is time consuming and not a realistic option in time for the upcoming tournament.
  • I need to check more closely but I don’t think data can be imported or exported.  All data should be entered manually directly into the site.  This is mostly a one time effort prior to the tournament apart from updates during the tournament.

I have entered a small amount of of sample data and created some sample tables below to illustrate the functionality. Everything is an option. What data and tables are used, what data appears on tables is completely optional.

SportsPress example 1: An events list

The example below is an event schedule.  It could replace the current tournament schedule on the site. It currently just shows the first four games of the upcoming tournament for illustration purposes.  Not all the data shown here needs to be shown, e.g. competition, season and article should probably be hidden.  Only the SMA Flames and Vancouver teams have sample player data entered.

Clicking on an event brings up a separate page with more event details.


FWSSC 2016

Shattuck vs Shaftesbury
St. Francis vs Notre Dame
Vancouver vs St. Mary’s
Banff vs POE
Balmoral vs St. Francis
Rothesay vs Shattuck
Shaftesbury vs POE
Notre Dame vs St. Mary’s
Banff vs Rothesay
Vancouver vs Balmoral
Rothesay vs Shaftesbury
Balmoral vs Notre Dame
St. Mary’s vs St. Francis
POE vs Shattuck
Shaftesbury vs Banff
Notre Dame vs Vancouver
POE vs Rothesay
St. Mary’s vs Balmoral
Shattuck vs Banff
St. Francis vs Vancouver
St. FX vs Rothesay
Banff vs Vancouver
Notre Dame vs Shaftesbury
St. Mary's vs Shattuck
POE vs Balmoral
Bronze Match - St. Mary's vs Balmoral
Gold Match - POE vs Shattuck

SportsPress example 2: A league standings table

The example below is a league standing table.  This might not be relevant to a simple tournament like the FWSSC as game results can show on the event list.


FWSSC 2016 League Table

1St. Mary’s Academy6420823149000.0000.00-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-4-2-0W1

SportsPress example 3: A player list

The example below is a league standing table.  This might not be relevant to a simple tournament like the FWSSC as game results can show on the event list.

SMA Flames Player List

#PlayerTeamPositionGAPtsPIMGPSAGASVSV%Min. P
2Lexi CheveldayoffSt. Mary’s AcademyDefence0002600000
3Kennedy FrankSt. Mary’s AcademyForward0000000000
4K.K. ThiessenSt. Mary’s AcademyDefence0222600000
5Hailey CloutierSt. Mary’s AcademyDefence0332600000
6Ashleigh JeannotteSt. Mary’s AcademyDefence0000600000
7Shea StudlerSt. Mary’s AcademyForward0006600000
8Sarah DennehySt. Mary’s AcademyForward0332600000
9Karlee MazorSt. Mary’s AcademyDefence0004600000
10Holly ReutherSt. Mary’s AcademyForward5384600000
11Cecilia LopezSt. Mary’s AcademyForward1342600000
12Morgan BurrSt. Mary’s AcademyForward3588600000
13Ashley McFaddenSt. Mary’s AcademyForward1452600000
14Emma Smith-AndrushkoSt. Mary’s AcademyForward6392600000
15Hailey KarbonikSt. Mary’s AcademyDefence3368600000
16Drew RaymondSt. Mary’s AcademyDefence0002600000
17Seren JocelynSt. Mary’s AcademyForward0000000000
17Kaitlyn ChatyrbokSt. Mary’s AcademyForward2132600000
18Sydney CancillaSt. Mary’s AcademyForward0000000000
18Kayla FriesenSt. Mary’s AcademyForward1784600000
19Madison ArpinSt. Mary’s AcademyForward0002600000
30Logan AngersSt. Mary’s AcademyGoalie00006626560.903208
30Tory MicklashSt. Mary’s AcademyGoalie00006738650.890152



Thursday, March 10, 2016
18:15 AMASt. Francis XavierNotre DameACU2-1 STFX
28:15 AMBShattuck St. Mary'sShaftesbury Hockey AcademyCT7-1 Shattuck
38:30 AMAVancouver Hockey AcademySt. Mary's AcademyRMX7-0 St. Mary's
48:30 AMBBanff Hockey AcademyPursuit of ExcellenceRRC2-0 POE
52:15 PMABalmoral HallSt. Francis XavierACU
62:15 PMBRothesay NetherwoodShattuck St. Mary'sCT
75:15 PMBShaftesbury Hockey AcademyPursuit of ExcellenceCT
85:30 PMANotre DameSt. Mary's AcademyRMX
98:15 PMBBanff Hockey AcademyRothesay NetherwoodCT
108:30 PMAVancouver Hockey AcademyBalmoral HallRMX
Friday, March 11, 2016
118:15 AMABalmoral HallNotre DameCT
128:15 AMBRothesay NetherwoodShaftesbury Hockey AcademyACU
138:30 AMBPursuit of ExcellenceShattuck St. Mary'sRMX
148:30 AMASt. Mary's AcademySt. Francis XavierRRC
152:15 PMANotre DameVancouver Hockey AcademyCT
162:15 PMBShaftesbury Hockey AcademyBanff Hockey AcademyACU
177:45 PMASt. Mary's AcademyBalmoral HallCT
187:45 PMBPursuit of ExcellenceRothesay NetherwoodACU
198:15 PMBShattuck St. Mary'sBanff Hockey AcademyRMX
208:15 PMASt. Francis XavierVancouver Hockey AcademyRRC
Saturday, March 12, 2016
219:30 AM9th Place5A5BCT
229:30 AM7th Place4A4BACU
239:45 AM5th Place3A3BRMX
2412:30 PMsemi-final1A2BCT
2512:30 PMsemi-final1B2AACU
Sunday, March 13, 2016
2610:15 AMBronzeL24L25CT
271:30 PMGoldW24W25CT